September 20, 2021 - FX and CFD broker technology company Your Bourse, has released some of, what the company says, are the most advanced risk management tools as part of their Platform-as-a-Service. Having announced in previous months their intention to support all brokers in their mission to manage better risk to increase profitability, Your Bourse has announced today that it has developed risk management tools with user experience and flexibility at the core of their design.

The new risk management tools now allow brokers to easily identify market sentiment through either widgets or real-time reporting. In addition, brokers can now view exposure by symbol or simply monitor the top 10 most popular traded instruments, 10 winners/losers drilled down to accounts or positions. Additional features have also been added for B-book risk management as well asa toxic trade detection system and new B-book profitability management functionality. All of these features are available as real-time reports or widgets.

The Your Bourse Platform-as-a-Service also includes a Matching Engine and Liquidity Aggregation integrated with top Liquidity Providers, and an MT4 Bridge/MT5 Gateway.

Elina Pedersen, Co-CEO, CMO Your Bourse, comments, “We are responding to the demands of the market. We see that the brokers require more visibility for their business and therefore we are releasing different options to improve how they manage their risk. Our technology offers unparalleled cost-effective, flexible solutions and competitive pricing focused on the success of our clients.”

The company states that its enhanced risk management solution stands out due to its most advanced proprietary 24/7 real-time monitoring and troubleshooting as well as World-class 24/7 support with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 99.999%