June 27, 2022 – Trade execution technology firm Your Bourse has released an addition to its main platform. Corporate Actions, an automation tool, will help MT4/5 brokers operate more efficiently by planning and automating Corporate Actions such as dividends adjustments - freeing brokers’ time for dealing operations.

With Your Bourse’s new feature, brokers can now easily schedule automatic Corporate Actions including dividends adjustments for all open positions for a pre-defined list of trading instruments and client groups and allow brokers to set up these operations ahead of time.

This automation significantly reduces the time brokers usually spend in manual operations as the new feature also allows administrators to upload changes in bulk and plan them ahead of time. The company says that the new tool's unparalleled platform functionality outperforms other solutions as it uses a secure Manager API connection, meaning it doesn’t require the installation of any plugins on MetaTrader servers. More significantly, Corporate Actions, while being part of the Your Bourse platform is an independent tool, hence it doesn’t impact the MT4/MT5 bridge operations or other parts of the platform.

Andrey Vedikhin, Founder and CEO/CTO Your Bourse, commented, “At Your Bourse, we continually develop the platform to meet the market requirements and enhance broker’s experience with technology overall. With the addition of corporate actions, the Your Bourse platform allows brokers to save time and manage their daily operations more efficiently without impacting MT4/5 servers. Dealing desks can now focus on their goals to drive profitability with our Corporate Actions tool.”

Your Bourse is a London-based company founded by Andrey Vedikhin. Your Bourse provides a Platform-as-a-Service solution for FX, CFD and crypto liquidity management, data analytics, reporting and risk management solutions to the retail brokerage and institutional marketplace. The flexible and competitive pricing policy and bespoke packages allow companies of all sizes and capacity to safely benefit from Your Bourse tools. Brokers also get access to liquidity from over 30 leading liquidity providers, hosting services in Equinix data centres and lightning-fast execution through MT4/MT5 bridges.