B2Broker Adds Match-Trader Platform To Its Range Of White-Label Solutions

B2Broker Adds Match-Trader Platform To Its Range Of White-Label Solutions

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Feb 1, 2023

February 01, 2023 - Multi-asset prime of prime liquidity provider B2Broker has introduced another solution for White Label Brokers. B2Broker now offers the award winning Match-Trader (MTR) trading platform developed by Match-Trade Technologies, to its clients. 

B2Broker provides trading solutions to hundreds of clients worldwide. The company has seen the multi-platform trend emerge on the market and meets the expectations of its clients by creating unique White Label solutions based on the most advanced trading platforms. 

The Match-Trader platform, developed by platform provider Match-Trade Technologies, is the result of cooperation between IT developers specialised in building transactional platforms and experienced forex consultants. Match-Trader was created using cutting-edge Progressive Web App technology to provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface for a smooth flow of trades. This omnichannel trading app adapts to screen resolution. Traders can easily swap between devices as all their settings are synchronised in real-time. The platform provides superb usability to bring the best trading experience. It’s easy to use for novice users but is also equipped with advanced functionalities to meet the expectations of experienced traders.

Match-Trade Technologies say they have addressed issues that White Label Brokers have faced in the past with other platforms. As an example, there are no suffixes on symbol groups. Match-Trader allows each Broker to have individual sets of symbols. Also, no more inconsistencies on charts; prices are shown as they appear in the Market Watch, including Brokers’ markups. And last but not least, Brokers can set the end-of-day time according to their time zone to calculate swaps and prepare statements. 

B2Broker’s team has worked for several months to include Match-Trader into their proprietary ecosystem and create a unique White Label offer it will provide to their clients.  

To give brokers and their clients a complete Match-Trader experience, B2Broker has created a white label solution that streamlines all necessary technologies into a single bundle to significantly reduce costs for brokers. The product includes:

  • B2BinPay (a platform for processing cryptocurrency payments)
  • Access to B2Broker's Prime of Prime liquidity pool.

Additionally, there are no setup fees, and the platform configuration is free. Customers simply need to deposit a minimum liquidity fee for three months as an initial investment. These clients receive a grace period of one full calendar month plus any leftover days since the terms of monthly minimum liquidity and connection were created.

Match-Trader x B2Core integration

B2Broker also empowers brokers with its Match-Trader and B2Core integration, allowing them to provide a seamless experience for their customers. Through the integrated trader's room, traders can easily open and manage accounts in real-time and connect directly to the platform. This new solution gives brokers access to a high-quality trading environment that rivals other popular platforms.

B2Broker says that creating a margin trading account with Match-Trader and B2Core has become even easier. Start by creating a user account to link all your trading accounts. Once that's done, you can easily link your margin trading account with Match-Trader and start immediately. 

The B2Core team has added a new Match-Trader section to their Platforms tab, providing users with a range of features and capabilities. With the ability to create both demo and live accounts, users can test out different trading strategies in real-time. Furthermore, deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and internal transfers are all available within the platform. The dedicated Match-Trader terminal can be downloaded directly from the platform. 

Michal Karczewski Artur Azizov 1200 X300

Micha Karczewski, Match-Trade Technologies’ CEO (left),  Artur Azizov, CEO, B2Broker (right)

Commenting on the cooperation, Match-Trade Technologies’ CEO, Michał Karczewski, said, “I am extremely proud of our entire team seeing how the platform we have been developing over the years gains the interest of the largest players on the forex technology market. Match-Trader is a universal platform; our wide range of APIs allows server owners to easily integrate it into their current setup to create a complete and unique trading ecosystem. B2Broker offers a wide range of tools for Brokers that will certainly enrich our platform and make the White Label solutions market even more competitive.”

Artur Azizov, CEO, B2Broker, added, “B2Broker is successfully implementing its strategy of becoming the most prominent White Label provider in the entire industry. In this regard, we are happy to add Match-Trader to our White Label offerings, which already include MetaTrader, cTrader, and B2Trader. I am pleased to say that the Match-Trader White Label solution is already fully integrated with B2BinPay and B2Core. Brokers that want to diversify their business and offer various platforms to their users may do so with B2Broker's While Label Offerings.”




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