DeFinity Markets Announces Strategic Digital Assets Partnership with One Trading

DeFinity Markets Announces Strategic Digital Assets Partnership with One Trading

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Dec 18, 2023

December 18, 2023 - DeFinity Markets (powered by DMALINK), the institutional digital assets ECN, and One Trading (formerly Bitpanda Pro), a crypto trading exchange headquartered and regulated in the European Union, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at expanding liquidity access for eligible institutions. The announcement today states that, “the companies have taken a significant step towards creating the region's most expansive custody-agnostic institutional digital assets and fiat rails”.


DMALINK have recently onboarded Commerzbank for the purpose of interbank FX market access for its ECN clients. 


Manu Choudhary Definity Markets 200x200
Manu Choudhary, co-founder of DeFinity Markets


Manu Choudhary, co-founder of DeFinity Markets, said, "Our goal is to drive market evolution hand in hand with innovative tech-led enterprises. The synergy with One Trading exemplifies our dedication to accelerating progress within the broader market. Our steadfast focus on performance-enhancing technology positions us to redefine the very fabric of electronic trading standards for digital assets."


The partnership between DeFinity Markets and One Trading expands the possible destinations for clients looking to achieve best execution., with One Trading's next-generation trading platform complementing the DeFinity pedigree born from DMALINK’s low-latency architecture. 


Andrew Mosson One Trading
Andy Mosson, Chief Commercial Officer at One Trading


Andy Mosson, Chief Commercial Officer at One Trading, commented, "One Trading stands at the forefront of global digital asset exchanges, boasting unparalleled technological advancement. It is a privilege to collaborate with the DeFinity Markets team, known for their commitment to innovation in the digital asset sector and building on their strong track record in the traditional wholesale FX markets. Their unwavering pursuit of innovation resonates profoundly with our vision.”


Both partners will independently focus on developments in infrastructure to enhance the overall marketplace.  The One Trading platform and DeFinity’s risk management tool will enable greater institutional adoption and provide value for clients.  


Chris Park Definity Markets 200x200
Chris Park, co-founder of DeFinity Markets


Chris Park, co-founder of DeFinity Markets, added, "One of the greatest issues with the Digital Asset market today is that whilst transactions are executed and cleared in minutes, the lack of institutional infrastructure and interoperability prohibit mainstream Financial Institution adoption. We’re excited to partner with One Trading at a time when they’re developing a trading platform with the fastest transaction speeds and with the intention to expand into crypto derivatives. This partnership enables significant development in the Digital Asset space building at the inflexion of traditional and digital markets."


Joshua Barraclough One Trading
Joshua Barraclough, CEO of One Trading


Commenting on the integration, Joshua Barraclough, CEO of One Trading, stated: “DeFinity Markets is as committed as we are to bridging the gap between traditional and crypto asset trading. That’s why we’re excited to partner with DeFinity. They complement our institutional-grade technology well.”


Michael Siwek Founder Dma Link 200x200
Michael Siwek, DeFinity co-founder


Michael Siwek, DeFinity co-founder, concluded, "We choose partners in asset classes that bring exciting new capabilities to the markets for financial institutions and are delighted to have secured this relationship with One Trading beyond just crypto”. 




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