Finalto in NY4: Becoming A Truly Global Provider

Finalto in NY4: Becoming A Truly Global Provider

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Apr 12, 2023

April 12, 2023 - Earlier this year Finalto proudly unveiled its New York Data Centre NY4 as the group continues in its efforts to lead the way in best practice and worldwide liquidity provision. 

To discuss Finalto’s exciting new developments and their benefits, we sat down with Head of European Sales Paul Groves and Group Head of Risk and Trading Andy Biggs to find out more about how the advancement affects Finalto clients and their access to liquidity. 

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Paul Groves, Head of European Sales, Finalto

Paul Groves explains, “The expansion into the New York Datacentre gives us much greater facility to provide liquidity solutions to our clients regardless of where they are based.” This launch has been in development for some time now and it is emblematic of an ongoing commitment to provide clients with robust liquidity solutions. 

Groves went on to state, “With NY4 live, and SG3 launching later this year, we’ll have three areas of localised pricing, giving our clients improved speed and efficiency of execution.” The manoeuvre is a significant step forward as part of a long-term strategy for the company to cement its status as a truly global provider of liquidity.

This is especially exciting for companies that have their infrastructure based in New York including systematic funds trading US-based assets. This is because it allows them to avoid the potential shortcomings of piping prices from internationally based data centres. Localised pricing and technology allow Finalto to further reduce the latency of the service to near zero regardless of client location.

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Andrew Biggs, Group Head of Trading and Risk, Finalto

Andrew Biggs clarifies, “Milliseconds matter, so for many businesses this represents a significant service enhancement. For trading systems based in and around New York particularly, the ability to trade with a system that leverages locally based technology and liquidity is extremely important.” 

New data centres allow us to persist in our efforts to provide the exceptional service we have become known for, to new regions and clients everywhere. These innovations and improvements to Finalto’s service are the result of tireless work that has been undertaken by the team to bring liquidity closer to our clients; with this particular development being in the works for over two years.

“With three internationally based data centres, Finalto is now a truly global liquidity broker. Offering localised pricing in London, New York, and Singapore. Our liquidity provision is more internationally reliable than ever,” emphasises Groves.

Plans to globalise services have been a consistent cornerstone of Finalto’s development strategy. Clients can continue to expect a stringent commitment to providing increasingly dependable and international liquidity services in the years to come. With escalating scale and extensive in-house expertise, Finalto has been persistent in providing a high level of liquidity provision in every part of the world’s markets.

For more updates on our dedication to our outstanding and evolving service, watch this space. 

Service solely available to professional clients. 

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