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February 24, 2023

Finalto Unveils New Datacentres and Service Improvements

The announcement outlines a commitment to offer efficient, low-latency and reliable liquidity services across the globe.

February 24, 2023 - Finalto announced a new milestone in improving its client liquidity services. Later this year they will expand their offering into New York-based liquidity pool and datacentre, NY4.

Head of Sales at Finalto Europe, Paul Groves explains: “Finalto’s core business is - and always has been - liquidity distribution and technology innovation. The company has maintained a commitment to providing reliable and efficient pricing to a broad range of clients and regions.” This includes retail brokers, small funds, prop houses, high-net-worth individuals, institutional brokers and more.

Finalto has spent the last 13 years pricing a broad range of securities from FX, bullion, indices, equities, and more, out of London-based datacentre LD4. In the past, international clients may have experienced some latency in execution when operating at large distances from London, such as New York. “Our expansion strategy with NY4, and also ultimately SG3 in Singapore” explains Groves, “is facilitating a significantly lower latency and robust service for worldwide clients”.

Pricing out of multiple data centres concurrently will allow Finalto to compete with speed and reliability regardless of client location. Groves went on to clarify that, “On the current system, if you're based in the States, but you're using our London liquidity provider, you've got a roughly 30 millisecond hop to get a price from London to New York; which can obviously create friction in a fast-moving market.” With localised liquidity providers in New York, for most products, that latency has been reduced. With the addition of the Singapore datacentre SG3, that is expected by midway through 2023, Finalto will be able to offer close to zero latency regardless of client location – making the company a competitive liquidity provider globally. 

“Plans to globalise services in this way have been in the works for Finalto for close to two years now and tireless work has been undertaken by the team to bring liquidity closer to our clients both geographically and in terms of price.” Groves explains.

Through the new datacentres Finalto aims to maintain their high service levels and also expand these into new regions and clients. “We're offering a better service, more fluid pricing mechanisms and significantly less latency” says Groves. “We’re faster and more reliable than ever and with SG3 coming in later this year, that will give us a truly global coverage coming from London, New York and Singapore.”

Finalto expect to offer full worldwide coverage by the second quarter of this year based on learnings from this expansion. Groves states, “We'll be looking to go into the second half of 2023 with three fully functional engines in three different geographical centres.” With innovations continuing, we can also expect Finalto to introduce a concurrent disaster recovery mechanism; meaning that if one liquidity pool were to go down, clients will automatically have their executions referred to the next lowest latency option.

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