March 23, 2021 - Last month, multi-asset trading technology provider oneZero announced the company's Institutional Hub targeted at institutional brokers, prime of prime providers and banks, allowing them to define all trading criteria with advanced aggregation, price formation, customised distribution, risk management and systematic hedging. Today the company has released an addition to the Institutional Hub, the Algorithmic Pricing Module - an advanced price creation tool which facilitates the formation of customised pricing for each recipient, utilising a brokers’ own data constructs and algorithms.

The new Algorithmic Pricing Module gives brokers the ability to construct a price using their own proprietary algorithms which can access market data, market risk positions and other information unique to them.

This addition to the oneZero Institutional Hub allows more sophisticated clients to fine tune their pricing function, taking relevant parameters through a combination of API inputs and exposed user-defined settings. Utilising the Algorithmic Pricing Module, clients are now able to create a truly bespoke price.

oneZero’s Algorithmic Pricing Module offers a coding interface that feeds directly into the heart of the Institutional Hub. It enables clients to insert their own native code for greater control of the elements used and the construction of the price algorithms which run in real time on the same hardware as their oneZero Hub to maximise performance.

oneZero CEO Andrew Ralich commented: “The initial response to this module has been staggering. Clients are already developing applications previously not thought possible, including the construction of new and innovative derivative product offerings whose prices can be perfectly calibrated for the intended end-user. For institutional clients, enabling protection of their unique ‘secret sauce’ and providing the ability for the customer to make real time changes to their pricing strategy to be responsive to market dynamics was something oneZero was keen to offer.”