Tradefeedr Launches Client Advisory Board with Participation from 14 Leading Buy-Side Institutions to Drive Product Evolution

Tradefeedr Launches Client Advisory Board with Participation from 14 Leading Buy-Side Institutions to Drive Product Evolution

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Jan 30, 2024

January 29, 2024 - FX trading and liquidity analytics provider Tradefeedr has initiated a Buy-Side Client Advisory Board to influence the development of its products. The advisory board, which includes leaders from prominent buy-side firms, will provide strategic input into Tradefeedr's product development, focusing on enhancing pre- and post-trade FX analysis through technology.


The board members hail from various esteemed institutions, including:

 ▪️ Norges Investment Management: FX Trader Alan Lucero

 ▪️ Campbell and Company: Director of Trading Dave Biser

 ▪️ APG: Senior Trader Ronald Lagarde

 ▪️ Schroders: Global Head of FX Trading Gordon Noonan

 ▪️ PGGM: Treasury & Trading Tjerk Methorst

 ▪️ Bluecrest: Quant Macro Michal Marcek

 ▪️ T.Rowe Price: Vice President, FX Electronic Trading Brendan McMurtray

 ▪️ T.Rowe Price: Trader Eric Brown

 ▪️ MEAG: Senior Trader Nick Nellis

 ▪️ Brevan Howard: Trade Cost Analyst Ayodele Arubi

 ▪️ Insight Investments: Senior FX Trader Rich Turner


Balraj Bassi, Co-founder & CEO of Tradefeedr, commented on the formation of the board, "Our thanks go to each person who has generously committed their time to our Client Advisory Board. In the last three years Tradefeedr has scaled significantly, incorporating more buy-side clients, LPs, and platforms into the ecosystem. To maintain our leading position, innovation is key - both in refining our current offerings and developing new services. Insights from our Buy-Side Client Advisory Board will be instrumental in meeting customer needs and guiding investment in new and impactful products for our extensive client network."


Tradefeedr's network encompasses over 70 entities on the buy and sell sides, along with 10 trading platforms. To represent its diverse clientele, the company is also setting up an LP Advisory Board to ensure that its products and services represent the needs of all its participants..


Tradefeedr's commitment to excellence has been recognised by the Financial Markets industry. It was named "Best Execution Product" in the Risk Awards 2023, "Best Independent TCA Provider" by FX Markets in 2022 and 2023, and "Best FX Algo Analytics" in the Euromoney FX Awards 2023.




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