June 08, 2022 - Global trading platform INFINOX has announced the launch of 22 new crypto CFD products. The company now offers a total of 43 crypto coins that can be traded by both retail and professional traders across Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

New coins added to the platform include Ethereum Classic, NEAR protocol, Cosmos, The Sandbox, Sushi, and Axie Infinity, amongst others. Other cryptocurrencies already available on the platform, include Bitcoin, Cardano, Polkadot, Ethereum, Ripple, Solana, Dogecoin, and more.

INFINOX enables traders to access instant and leveraged crypto trading 24/7, with zero deposit or withdrawal fees. The INFINOX crypto CFD product was launched in March this year, and allows traders to:

• Buy and sell crypto instantly
• Take advantage of 24/7 crypto trading with the availability of weekend trading hours
• Hedge risk through long and short positions in the crypto market
• Enjoy the liquidity benefits of fast entries and exits
• Pay zero fees on deposits or withdrawals
• Trade crypto through a regulated platform
• Copy proven strategies through IX Social, an automated copy trading community app

To find the full list of crypto CFDs to trade, visit INFINOX's website here.

Ulas Akincilar, Head of Trading at INFINOX, commented on the latest additions to the INFINOX crypto product range, “Crypto is undeniably one of most closely watched instruments in the market right now, especially with the recent volatility it has seen. At INFINOX, we want our clients to be able to take advantage of these opportunities, with access to all their favorite cryptocurrencies in one platform. Our crypto CFD product was launched just in March this year, and is seeing rapid growth at the moment. One of the ways we want to sustain this momentum is with the addition of 22 new coins onto our platform".

INFINOX is hiring globally. To view open positions, please click here.